Designed for the job site!

Turn your tailgate into a workstation, or host a tailgate party. Recommended for hauling light loads, the Tailgate Sawhorse easily hauls things like canoes or extension ladders. When you’ve got a long load to haul and a short truck bed can’t get the job done, upgrade with the Tailgate Sawhorse!

Installation is easy!

  • Select a mounting location where four (4) screw holes are sitting flat on the tail gate
  • Ensure the hinged side of bracket faces out per illustration
  • Line both brackets up and secure with four (4) self-tapping screws
  • Once all four brackets are mounted and secure, slide a quality, 48” long, 2×4 (not included) through both brackets left and right sides.

*** Tailgate in the closed position ***

Part #07610