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Flag Pole Holder



If you want to show your support for your favorite
team, your country, or favorite brand; a flag is a great
way to do it. This was our motivation behind
the Flag Pole Holder. 

Whether at a tailgate event, music festival, or get
together, this flag pole holder will let you fly your
flag high. It simply mounts to the rail of your
truck bed using our unique mounting hooks.
The best part about this is NO DRILLING is
required. It’s also low profile and sits level
with your bed rails. 

It has the ability to accommodate up to 1.5”
so if you don’t have a traditional pole, it has
you covered. Simply turn the set screw
to tighten whatever you find to fly your flag. 

• 1.5” Diameter 

• No Drill Mounting

• Low Profile 

• Powder Coat Finish

• Adjustable Set Screw

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