Modular Bins

Erickson’s New Modular Bin Program

Our standard cardboard bulk display boxes have worked very well in the past. What we did notice was the display box will get tired looking over time. The customers sometimes takes the whole box as they are hard to secure in one location. We knew in selected accounts bulk was the way to go but we had some challenges to overcome. The answer was find a solution that was more stationary, durable and yet inexpensive, and we have done that.

Now available is our NEW modular bin display, patented in USA, Canada and Mexico. This is the next generation of the bulk retail display shopping program, 3 sizes are available (which directly replace the standard cardboard displayer we offer today).

The system is designed to work on a 16” deep by 48” wide shelf. Each modular bin comes 24” wide so two displays sit side by side on a 48” shelf. What is nice is you can mix them up, small beside a medium, medium beside a large and so on. The bins attach to the shelf via patented locking pins that use the holes normally used for the wire fencing. The small (4” wide) and medium (6” wide) both have dividers available to split the bins front and back (it is optional you can leave it in or out depending on your needs). The front displayer advertising card is very easy to install and locks in safe and secure while the bin sectional splitter panel features a sticky backed label for the rear cavity.

The Erickson system was designed to work on Lozier but will also work with other shelving manufacturers like, Wilson, Streeter, etc. The 16” deep is the main concern, our modular bin concept works great with bulk plumbing and electrical supplies and a host of other categories. The diamond grid in the divider panels is small and prevents items from shifting from one to the other like we see with the fencing separators used today.

#55695 – Small (6) 4” x 16” cavity or (12) 4” x 8”
#55696 – Medium (4) 6” x 16” cavity or (8) 6” x 8”
#55697 – Large (2) 12” x 16” cavities non split


Small bins with optional back bins included.



Medium bins with optional back bins included.

Medium bins with optional back bins included.



Large Bins.

Large Bins.