What started as a two-person operation in a tiny two-car garage is now a prospering, active, North American leader in Tie-Down Straps, Tow Straps, Loading Ramps and many more securement related products. This April 2012 marks our thirty-fifth anniversary in business. We are proud and thankful to have had so many years behind us and look forward to many more. Erickson Manufacturing is a family run corporation with President and Founder of the company Brent Erickson and his wife Connie along with his three daughters, Nicole, Michelle and Crystal.  Managing businesses on both sides of the border,  our Canadian center, located in Thamesville Ontario Canada houses over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing and distributing facilities and our United States location is an amazing 100,000 square foot distribution center in Marine City, Michigan.

Whether you are an American or Canadian customer you can bet when your buying an Erickson product you are guaranteed quality and durability with 100% customer satisfaction. Nothing goes out of our doors that we wouldn’t want in our own toolbox. We have your safety in mind and strive to make sure we get just that. As part of staying on top of safety and quality we are a voted in member of the Web Sling and Tie-Down Association (wstda.com) which keeps us up to date with legislation, new technology and more.  At Erickson Manufacturing we are constantly redesigning and re-evaluating our products to make sure we stay on top. Sourcing new materials and ideas and making sure we are constantly up to date is a full time job here. We have no doubts that once you purchase one of our products you will come back for more.

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Working Load Limit

The basic rule, to ensure safety, is a 3 to 1 ratio be used on any item moving in any direction where brakes are being applied and G-forces occur. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the number of straps needed to secure his load safely based on the SWL rule to the right.

NOTE: All tie-down straps come with a label showing size, maximum load and W.L.L. (working load limit). Remember the W.L.L. is 1/3 of the maximum load. Always use the W.L.L. when selecting tie-downs.

Example: A box weighing 3300 lb., you would use (2) straps with a 5000 lb. maximum load limit. The safe workload for a 5000 lb. strap is 1650 lbs.

We are constantly looking at new materials, new ideas, and new sewing technology to ensure that our products and customers are constantly up-to-date. All products giving a maximum load are tested regularly to ensure the advertised loads are met and exceeded. Our new catalog has one of the largest retail packaged programs in North America. We have warehouses in both the U.S.A & Canada to service our customers quickly and efficiently.

Erickson Manufacturing Ltd. is a member of the Web Sling & Tie-Down Association. All straps are sewn to the Association’s specs. All straps have the associations certificate sewn in, along with the maximum and safe workloads. HEAVY DUTY PROGRAM ONLY, STARTING WITH OUR 5000 LB. STRAPS.

(W,L,L) is one-third (1/3) of the break strength.

EXAMPLE: 15,000 lbs (Break Strength) ÷ 3 = 5,000 lbs. (WLL)