Jeff Holmes – Hammond, Louisiana

I own a camp in Grad Bayou, Louisiana. Hurricane Isaac pounded my camp with 11 ft of storm surge driven by 60 to 70 mph winds. It stayed over us for over 30 hours. I wanted two let you know about TWO Ratchet Straps I purchased.  Your black 3000 lbs model and 10,000 yellow model.

The Black 3000 lbs Ratchet Strap held in place 20 ea. 5′ X 9′ Sections of 5/8 Tongue and Grove Hardwood Flooring preassembled with 4″ x 4″ cross members. It is all part of an old Basketball Court.  Well over the 3000 lbs limit.

The Strap was binding the flooring alone.  A 24″ piece of 3/8″ chain was bolted around the strap tied to a poly rope tied to everything else that most of is not there anymore.  This strap took a beating. It did not give an inch. I was amazed that the chain caught on a nail on the dock 100 ft from where it was stacked before Isaac.  It was beat against other poles and thrown around in the water.  The edges of the flooring was tore up but, that little Ratchet held,  Erickson Straps and Products will be the only ones I will buy.”

Jeff Holmes
Hammond, Louisiana